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You Can Live to a 150, Starting now

November 17, 2009

Health Care Funding Has Been Solved and a New Era of Youthful Existence is Here.

A Short Story of Methylene Blue


Anthony B Pavelski

Yes it’s true you can extend your youth and delay aging. With the current nutritional technology and scientific research you can dramatically increase you healthy life span to 150 years. THIS IS MY GIFT TO THE WORLD. This is initial installment in a ten part series about the future in health tech and how the government is missing the boat. This will solve all the medical and financing black-hole we face now. How is that possible?  quite simple the current system is bankrupt for one major reason . The number of productive years that the average person has to accumulate enough resources to support their retirement is far to short. For example; the average person is usually a liability until they are 25 years of age, then they become liability again around the age of 60. this gives us just 35 years to sock away enough resources to live on as we become sickly.  If the usable productive  life span of the average person increased to 120 years then this would give us nearly 95 years of productivity which is nearly three time as long thus, rendering the whole health care debate obsolete. This in turn would increase the productivity of the world and allow a  person the ability to become financial solvent.

Some people argue that why would you want to live that long, you just hang on  frail and sick. The answer to that is simple , the methods I will forward to you will increase your youthful lifespan or another way to put it is productive life span.  This would be a life style and financial breakthrough.

So that’s give you a taste of whats to come.  Fist substance I would like to tell you about is Methylene Blue. Click on the Methylene Blue hyperlink for scientific study, and additional information just google it.

Methylene blue delays cellular senescence and enhances key mitochondrial biochemical pathways

In other words it will increase your ability to do work, you won’t be out of breath as quickly, and it stops Alzheimer in it’s tracks. one last thing it also increases a cells life span by 20%. If you didn’t know you are made out of cells.

Sorry, I am not selling it so you will have to do some research to find it and take a proper dosage; after all  you are ultimately responsible for your own health. If you haven’t guest I am a libertarian by practice not affiliation and not a medical doctor. So, folks do your research…… An additional note it has many other healthful properties: cures Malaria, Fungal infections, bacterial infections, increases endurance in healthy adults, and is a mild anti-depressant.

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Michael Jackson Is Alive or Is He

July 4, 2009
Before & After

Before & After

Just days after Michael Jackson died, rumors are flooding the Internet that he faked his own death. No way, I don’t believe it; but it seems that Michael Jackson is still alive and hiding with Elvis in North Dakota. This rumor sent millions of fans visiting websites to look at insane conspiracy theories that the singer is still alive. I think that Jim Morrison, Elvis and Michael are hiding at Jimmy Hendricks’s house but that’s just me. Just a side note for you Rock Star wannabees, don’t take sedatives with opiates. Kills you every time.

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This is a strange thought… Of the three; Michael, Jim, and Elvis; Michael is the only one who was willing to do anything to stay in the spotlight.  For example, buying the elephant mans bones, having a chimp as a pet, wearing a surgical mask.  So, is it possible he’s still alive? YES. Is it probable? Well, about as probable as me having penis reduction surgery…

Another rumor says the singer has been planning this for sometime and is now in hiding in eastern Europe as a vampire. “There is a whole shitload of proof!“, reports a Bi-polar housewife in Queens, NY.

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Another site has released a photo it claims is of Jackson, insisting that the man who died on Thursday was the singer’s body double with a terminal aversion to surgery, whose family now, will be eliminated.  Another source said, “ the pictures are actually a Thai transvestite named Puffy-Butt living in Los Angeles. I for one don’t believe this, no one is named “Puffy-Butt.”

If  Michael is still alive, and keeping up with his recent resurgence in popularity he may decide to Kill himself to maintain it, wouldn’t that be a true tragedy.

“Soon, Michael’s new music will be out. Under a different name… Puffy-Butt, perhaps… and “with a drastically altered face” claims a salesman in Juneau…(what’s new about that ?…) and with the introduction of Testosterone therapy he’ll sing as a true tenor instead of  his usual soprano. Remember, these are just rumors and, this in no way endorses the use of steroids, (like my last article), or drugs.  You’ll be sent for prison for it.  Drugs are Bad!

Now a word from our sponsor…

Wear the gear that the Navy Seals wear why settle for less.

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Methadone Gum! Mmmmm you can have your life back, kick the smack monkey in the sack  Methadone GUM…

Celebrexia ,when pain relief is more important then your heart.

Vicodin,  is your heroin dealer in jail, ask your doctor if Vicodin is right for you.

North Dakota Conan Rancheros, bring your money

Slump Burgers! For when your feelin’ crump.

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Start The Freak Show

July 3, 2009

Ben JohnsonGotJuice

I watch sports and wonder … who the fuck cares about steroid’s, really?  I watch sports for the spectacle of it all, not to find a role model.  I like to watch super human freaks compete against other super human freaks.  Please don’t water down their performance.  I don’t watch sports to feel close to the athletes.  They better entertain my ass; dance for me Freak Boy, remember Ben Johnson. They are not kindred spirits, they are trained professionals, freaks of nature , they get paid to perform and entertain.  Star athletes are not role models,  just like rock stars are not role models. For the most part, star athletes are self centered, extremely driven, imperfect freaks of nature. If the average person lived their lifestyle they’d die in a week from exhaustion and venereal diseases.

So, you believe drugs are Baaaddd and they should be banned…Which ones?  Aspirin, cough medicine, pain relievers.. Oh, only the ones that give you an unfair advantage. Doesn’t pain relievers give you an advantage if you are in pain? Having a high tolerance for pain is an advantage in sports.

Here we go, this is what you are saying to your children… Life isn’t fair Billy. Sorry son, your not good enough to be a professional athlete your testosterone is too low and you can’t take anything to make up the difference.  You’re fucked.  Become an accountant instead or a Medical Billing specialist!  Remember, gentle reader, fairness is make-believe bullshit. Most good athletes have much higher than normal testosterone levels. I want their hormone levels! Please? Pretty please?  No! You can’t.  This is an outrage and must be stopped now! (just kidding) Should we make these freaks take a drug to decrease testosterone to that of a mere mortal? It would make things fair.  The next  anti drug argument is we should only use what God gives us, which is only our physical body and soul, brains can’t be used unfairly. Creating drugs the lengthen life span, increase intelligence ,reflexes and strength are all cheating,; so is a great coach, better equipment, better training techniques. So why do they arbitrarily pick drugs as cheating , drugs not only enhances performance but used moderately the can extend a career and lifespan. Your favorite athletes could compete longer and live longer, we don’t want that now do we, how would doctors make a living?

While we are on the subject of fairness, anyone who is 6 foot 4 and 220 pounds of muscle should be disqualified or handicapped for the unfair genetic advantage. …. fairness, what the hell is that? Fairness is for idiots.  Life isn’t fair, why pretend? Here’s a ridiculous point of view but consistent with the belief that certain drugs are unfair. I believe anyone who takes high blood pressure medication should be banned  from working in any corporation. It’s only fair….these performance enhancing drugs gives the user an unfair  advantage in respect to longevity, why should they live longer. I feel this extends their life unfairly and we should only get what nature gives us…Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

Remember this folks we survive by our brains  not our brawn. We wouldn’t survive 30 seconds against a lion without our toolscreated by our brains such as, spears, guns, tranquilizing darts etc.  So we intentionally limit our performance to please stupid people. Let the Pros use all the technology at their disposal not just politically correct technology for the squeamish, uninformed masses.

Baseball players don’t take steroids to make them stronger, they take DHT derived or other high androgen steroids to increase their reflexes and subsequently bat speed. All major league players are strong enough to hit a homerun with today’s hot baseballs.  So lets be consistent, take all brain  based advantages away from the top athletes.  The players shouldn’t train , take vitamins, have a superior coach,  lift weights  or take steroids for it makes them artificially better.  We could revert  to the days of Babe Ruth where only a handful of people could actually hit the ball out of the park…then baseball would be more like uhmmm, soccer , you know , most games would end 1 to 0. Boorringgg!!!

When sporting regulatory bodies limit the methods of improvement, they also limit the research into performance enhancement. We wouldn’t want to improve now would we e.g. get smarter , faster, stronger there is something evil about wanting to improve and should be stopped at all costs.  There are things out there right now that can increase your youthful life span, increase strength, slow Alzheimer’s ( Methylene Blue),  increase sexual pleasure,  increase intelligence (eutropics), increase creativity, but they are all Baaddd drugs or supplements . These so called cheating drugs can make big difference in you life right now and the people who know about them are few and far between. The list of enlightened people is short. Researchers, life extensionists, trainers of professional athletes, and longevity Doctors, and believe it or not Bodybuilders.

The informations online, go out on a limb be a rebel, look it up.

Micheal Jackson (Why Do All the Kings Die Young)

June 27, 2009

Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley and now, Micheal Jackson.  Three kings all  gone.

(The Lizard King, The King of Rock and Roll and The King of Pop)


All three in their time were megastars, the likes of which the world has never seen. All three were the leading front man; not just singers but complete performers. All three change the world permanently, the world of music that is. This, in turn, changed culture whether we liked them or not. I am not a big fan of the lifestyles of these “Kings,” I only wanted to watch them perform and not look into their weird and repugnant personal lives.  There are two things which caused the ridiculousness of these stars to be exposed. First, the public’s obsession with these larger then life megastars and second, the scummy profiteering of their weaknesses. There seems to be two types of people with regards to these stars, ones who worshiped them and the ones who were joyous at their destruction. (And a small group who didn’t have an opinion)

Wear the gear that the Navy Seals wear why settle for less.

Why did they destroy themselves or allowed others to help them do the job?  The answer is simple.  They were, from the beginning, crazy.  And they were emotionally unstable. The instability gave them the ability to express emotions more genuinely then their peers. This emotionality and talent separated them from the rest; it also made them fearless and reckless to a fault. In the end, almost all great entertainers go down in clouds of flaming indignity, their image permanently destroyed by their own crazy unstable talent. “Shine On you Crazy Diamond.” We’ll miss the show.

Wear the gear that the Navy Seals wear why settle for less.

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The “Singularity” What the Hell is it? … and, why I despise it!

June 15, 2009

I am an avid reader of Life Extension articles on the net and invariably the subject of the “Singularity” comes up.

What is a Singularity you ask ? My definition…..Singularity: The ultimate virtual bullshit life for the ultimate agoraphobic nerd in you. But seriously folks, it is the idea that all knowledge we possess in our brains will be up loaded to a computer and will no longer need our inconvenient “biological” bodies with its terrible short comings, such as its need for sex and food for example. They, ” the Sigularitists” hope that in the end all humans will be part of the collective and all problems will be null and void. In this dream world we will live forever. Haven’t these ding dongs seen Terminator. It all sounds to good to be true and it is. There are so many problems with this idea that it hurts my brain to think about it. First, your Self or individuality, and most importantly your body will be annihilated. Your body and soul will become “redundant” and out dated. I find this repugnant. What sort of short sighted, self loathing bull shit is that? only an asshole would give up real life for a promise for a virtual after life….humm smells like a Religion.

Below I posted this comment on a ” Singularity” Blog.

“I have been a Life Extensionist for more than 30 years. I understand the ramification of the ongoing technology boom. But, on the other hand the Idea of a singularity seems the ultimate annihilation of individuality, in other words, DEATH. The individuals evolved to increases our chances of survival as a species and a individual. Also, it gives a venue for competitions ,which tests ideas and designs against each other in a harsh environment. The lack of competition and new ideas would render our species extinct. It would also doom thier beloved “Singularity” to a diservedly protracted and lonely death. The lack of opposing Ideas alone would open up the Singularity to certain death when contacted by another biologic or technical species. Another option of the singularity w ould be to create a virtual world where individuals compete against each other to see which Ideas and designs work and which ones do not. Hey, wait a minute, that sounds like real life as we know it.

I am all for technology which makes individuals more efficient but, I stop at networking our, especially my, consciousness to a central computer; this is the ultimate form of communism. Who decides which ideas work and which ones don’t? The Singularity? The singularity is only as good as the programmer who designed it. It doesn’t matter if it is self learning, how will it determine what is an idea worth knowing and doing and which are not? How would the Singularity decides on what criteria is useful? WHY WOULD IT CARE IF IT HAD ZERO COMPETITION? Unless the singularity could test ideas in double-blind manner in a harsh environment (again sounds like real life) the knowledge gained would be pure folly.

So be careful what you wish for! It just might kill us all including the coveted “Singularity.” The possible applications of a super intelligent computer would be in testing scenarios and designing machines and many, many other things to numerous to mention but, the knowledge gained, would need to be real world tested.
One last thing, I sorta , kinda like my biological body and individuality. I do not want to upload or download my consciousness or unconsciousness for some thing or government to do as IT pleases with it.

A Singularity is not immortality it is death of the individual plain and simple.”

This Utopian society called a “Singularity ” where all is known and no one dies is quite dreamy if your life sucks and ,you can’t compete, then all the pain will go away and, all the pleasure too. If your individuality is preserved than, which it can’tbe in a pure singularity, you’ll be floating around in a virtual life programed by someone who never left his computer and never lived a real (actual) non-virtual life. ..Sounds boring ..where can I sign up? Imagine a world , no reproduction, no sex, no fear, no joy. You get the picture, or do you? So all of you Utopian, virtual, hive-mind nerds out there in internet Borg land try this… Get up.. back away from the computer… put the mouse down… Now go climb a real mountain.. Even better, heaven forbid, leave your house and find an non-virtual girl to have real sex with! Maybe just maybe then you’ll change your mind. For me, I’ll take the real thing.

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I Phone, I Text, I Poop, I Sleep

June 10, 2009

Pop culture, who needs it?

I often wonder where we as a society are going. When I watch the mind numbing addiction to text messaging I think we are doomed to  extinction. Never in the history of Man has so many wasted so much time doing so little. Do we really need to know the inner workings of your dogs bowel movements or that the line at Starbucks is making you late for your Flagellators Anonymous Meeting. Text messaging is a convenient way to indirectly blow people off.  One other thing…  if your significant other will not speak to you while they’re away and only communicate via text message, Sorry buddy your relationship is toast.  Move on to someone who cares.  Think about it.  Your long distance virtual lover can not afford to utter the style cramping “I love you, too sweetie pie,” out loud for fear she will expose the other prospective, more immediate bed-mate and lessen her chances of scoring.  Now, gentle reader, I will do you a great favor and explain some of more common text message short hand to those of you who aren’t “in the know.” Here’s one: When your girlfriend texts, “Held up, B home soon.” What she’s really saying is “I’ll be another 3 hrs. I have to get through the first 3 chapters of the Karma Sutra with my Boss.  I need that promotion so I can go on my annual nudist adventure with a bunch of strange bikers in June.”  Here is another classic euphemism sent via text message. “@ a friends house. B home n 2hrs.” Which translates verbally into, “I’m at the titty bar.  I’ll be home when I run out of money.” Or this classic, “ OMG, I’m like so totally sick I’m staying home!” Which translates into, “Your lameness is only surpassed by your bad breath, I rather stay at home and braid my crotch hairs then go somewhere with you.” I have many more examples in my book “Text Messaging Demystified.” In the end, one must look at any so called “friends” who text message you almost exclusively as full of shit.  Never trust them, I don’t.  And, remember to return the favor by sending them complete fictional accounts of the amazing time you’re having with Tom Cruise’s dog, L Ron Spot.

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June 7, 2009

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